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Can you describe your style in 2 words? 

A huge opener I ask others is, are they involved in fashion or not. I’ve gotten a plethora of answers but all I want is an honest answer.


People who hesitate or use fill-in words are what I despise because that’s what takes the fun out of the question. If I was being nice, I would work with them to attempt to figure out their exact style but I’ve learned that if they didn’t know right then, they don’t know at all. A simple “I don’t know” means they are still figuring it out rather than using clichè terms and mumble their way through a convoluted answer.

For instance, my personal style name used to only be “Distressed Comfortability” but through time I’ve added a subcategory of what I envision as dark glam rock. It took years but I learned to figure myself out rather than be completely unaware and give a “I don’t know”. 

A general analysis of my style names is what the adjectives entail. I love wearing items because of their comfortability, nothing more. No matter how many holes the garment possesses or how many people call me an “Outfit Repeater”. I will still wear whatever I want because I am comfortable and that’s what clothing should really be. Dark glam rock comes from my music background but essentially I love the use of being out there but keeping the garments vital to the everyday wardrobe.


What kind of music interests you?

Another huge opener for myself that involves the same stipulation as before. An opener that’s used to incite conversation rather than having a generic convoluted answer that does nothing to strike my interest. I listen to almost everything because all music is made to be enjoyed, but if I did have to choose, Hip-Hop and Rock have a huge influence on my preference of music.


My 12+ older cousins loved hip-hop because well within the years of 1990 and early 2000s that was the thing. Nas, Wu-tang, Roc-A-Fella, etc. were the talk of the world. Controversial statement but the use of trying to be ghetto was the norm, at least within my upbringing. I appreciate old hip-hop due to the contrast of actual instruments being used, lyrics that talk about the uncovered society but overall giving a sense of happiness. Hip-hop to me was an expression of an escape of who made it big, in terms of that goal “rags to riches”.

Influence is what drives individuals either negative or positive. I love hip-hop because it’s what I was “forced” to listen to during my childhood. At the time being, I was everything hip-hop and I still am now but it just wasn’t my persona. Rebellious, confident, and unorthodox, now that’s who I want to be. My first interaction with Rock-N-Roll was with my father, he made me watch recorded live concerts with him, bands like Metallica, Bon Jovi, The Who, and many more. I would see their tight pants, crazy hair, but above all, their energy. Every single person exerted on and off the stage. While I was wearing baggy jeans and a Wu-tang shirt, I knew these rockers were a bit out there, but to me, that was just perfect.

As time grew, Metallica CDs stayed in my disc player while Late Registration and D12 collected dust. My pants went from regular to slim and sneakers turned into boots. A need for a guitar riff became a staple to me rather than a scratches from a turntable.


The tight pants, leather jackets, and boot heels that were higher than most girls’ heels. Apparel ripped towards the edge of nakedness mixed with fifty shades of black arranged together that still holds anticipation of one silhouette. One night of painted black nails with smokey eye shadow. The rock n roll mentality of prime confidence built within an outfit, but that’s all it is, the outfit of a wannabe rocker.




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June 16th, 2018. My twenty-first birthday, the day that I don’t remember too much, but the benchmark of positive years ahead of me. A day that most people celebrate for another amazing year passing with more to come, and the legal age for drinking. After this day I knew I wanted a change in my life, a change that turned my entire lifestyle upside down. A change towards absolute happiness and serenity.


During this year, I applied to almost a hundred different places and went on countless interviews. I walked through strenuous heat wearing all black in the summer to find any place that would hire me. I didn’t need a internship for school, I needed it for experience. I would get rejection letters back to back until I took a chance with a company. I sent in my resume along with a personal pitch. Within a day they got back to me and asked for an interview. I knew I wasn’t the company’s persona but I could adapt to get the job done. They took a chance and hired me. I was filled with excitement and couldn’t wait for my first day. The job wasn’t what I expected, but I adapted and got the assigned tasks done. What made me love the job was the team I worked closely with. Within my past internships, my sense of employment always felt expendable. With this team, I had my share of the cake. Without all of us working seamlessly, the entire company would suffer. That kind of motivation is what gets me out of bed each day. Other than work ethic, the entire team welcomed me with open arms with their friendliness, but above all, their trust.

Every day I walked into Barneys New York doing digital merchandising, I had nothing but a coffee in one hand and huge smile.

In 2015, I wrote a blogpost about continuing my studies at LIM College. I can’t fathom that I wrote that piece about four years ago. But above all I can’t fathom that I’m finishing college while studying my dream. LIM college was there to give me the tools towards a successful life, from coursework all the way to networking external and internal. In my blog post from 2015 I stated, “My commitment for the next 4 years of my life is going to be studying Fashion Merchandising at LIM College.” It’s unbelievable that that commitment is coming to a close and I can finally tell myself “I’m done.” Bittersweet, but everything that LIM has given and taught me will live with me forever.


A life virtue that I will carry with me until the end is that my family is always the number one priority in my life. My family has been with me every day and I never truly appreciated it until I reached the lowest point of my life, but what stopped me….was the warmth of my family. The laughs and smiles they were there. They were also there for the cries and sadness.

Seeing everyone I loved and cared for surrounding me for my 21st birthday party, working a job that I only dreamt about, studying a major that seemed a bit too far fetched for a nurse filled family, being a part of school that molded me from scratch to get me where I am and where I want to be, and my family carrying my little cousin down the altar to send her to a paradise filled with endless happiness. Everything happening now just seems surreal but I know this is where I’m supposed to be, all I can do is smile and enjoy every moment life has to offer.




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My Insecurities Dictate My Color Palette.

When I was young I went to a private elementary school, which meant uniforms every single day. On some days we got to wear whatever we wanted if we paid a dollar or two. Those days were alright to me because I finally got to be comfortable at school. I only owned a few t-shirts and one pair of jeans. I didn’t really care, all I wanted to do was be comfortable. As I was coming into high school, uniforms became obsolete and every day was essentially “dress-down” day. I was so excited to wear whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. As the first week unfolded, I quickly realized I didn’t even have enough clothes to rotate each week. I essentially wore whatever fit me at the time no matter what the clothes looked like.

Being self-conscious about my weight, all my clothes that somewhat fit me became a huge problem. The clothes would fit me when I stood up, but sitting down in a desk at school was a nightmare. As I struggled with my own insecurity I would work out constantly, but getting a sixpack doesn’t happen overnight. It was either feel humiliated about my body or find a solution to my body dysmorphic mindset.

What came to me were darker hues. Dressing in darker clothing keeps one incognito by not having the light reflect off of the person and gives an illusion of one entire silhouette without colors cutting up the outfit. From darker colors like forest green or maroon, came just simply all black. In the words of Yohji Yamamoto, “Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy — but mysterious. But above all black says this I don’t bother you don’t bother me.”’

All black became a necessity to me. I fell in love with an all black color palette because it was an escape for myself while still salvaging all the confidence I could gather. I always loved bright colors but it was never me back then and will never be me now, because now, I’m too comfortable wearing all black. I came into fashion because of comfort and I intend on carrying that mindset throughout my life.


Being simple and comfortable of an all black mentality, I’ve grown accustomed to making sure details become number two in importance after comfortability in my personal rulebook of fashion. Small details are what separate a good outfit from a great outfit. Something that has become an addiction to my entire wardrobe is jewelry. I started off with simple bracelets, rings, and chains to even bigger rings, flashy chains, and foreign made bracelets.

Chains came last just to add flair to certain outfits, but I can live without them. Jewelry that pertains closest to my hands are what I need on at all times. Another insecurity I live with are my hands. My hands aren’t that big, weird baby hairs on the top, scars on my knuckles from boxing, and above all: my bad habit of chewing my fingernails. I chew on them when I get anxious or I lose myself. I look at them every day and I get disgusted, but it’s another addiction that I just can’t get over. I act unfazed when people mention them or stare at them, it’s one of those things I know I can fix, but I’ve gone so deep to where the blemishes won’t heal back to an ideal hand. I wear big, obnoxious rings in the hopes of taking away the attention from my repulsive hands.

Whether it’s big rings or wearing all black in 90 degree weather, this is me, and I’m proud to be who I am no matter what.





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Write a paper on a artist that inspires you.

The assignment guidelines are as follows:

1. Provide a bio that includes education, background, the type of artwork style, awards/honors received.

2. Discuss why you chose this artist and which piece(s) you found most inspirational to you. Include the visual of the art here.

3. Discuss public reaction/the art world’s reaction or comments on this artists work. Use an additional source here.

IMG_0343Genius or Vandal?

A question that circles the minds of the current day art society is “What is the fine line between art and vandalism?”. An answer to the question is that private property is maintained and owned by a individual. But what happens when the property is owned by the government? This very question is what every street artist must undergo. Should he/she risk the potential of proving a point or defacing a sense of public property? One artist blends a rare form of having both talent and humor. The iconic yet controversial street artist Banksy, is not only an artist but a genius. Information about Banksy is told by no one else, but Banksy himself. He plans what he believes the art world needs to know. Til this day, Banksy’s identity has never been officially revealed.

A Bristol native, Banksy started his artistic career as a graffiti crew member around the early 1990s. The crew that he represented was named DryBreadZ or DBZ. In the traditional sense of graffiti, graffiti was depicted as huge letters, vibrant colors, and parallelism of the tag (name). Banksy loved doing street art but hated the amount of time it took just to finish one piece. Banksy noted that he wasn’t too good at ‘graffiti’ (B-Movie 2011). One night when DBZ was painting a train, the police came, and as they were escaping, Banksy hid under a truck. As he hid, he realized his piece was far from done and that in order for him to show his full potential he would need to cut his time in half. From under the truck he looked up and saw a stencil on a garbage truck. A stencil was exactly what he needed to become the infamous street artist he is today. Banksy uses stencils within most of his street art showing a mix of political satire, capitalism, controversial slogans, etc. He has many famous pieces such as Palestine wall hole, Kissing Cops, and Save the Queen. Banksy is notorious for making ‘vandalism’ pieces into prestigious works of art.

I chose Banksy for his persona rather than his artwork. His decision To make bold moves such as adding his own artwork within a well established museum, is incredible. To be able to set up an entire satirical park named “Dismaland” is phenomenal. Banksy prefers the word vandalism over the word art. Art is such a vague word that describes nothing other than representing an excuse of bull-crap . Banksy states, “Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.” Banksy has been my childhood artist before I understood the issues  he was showcasing. I loved the color hues of each piece, and above all I loved the rawness of his masterpieces. Growing up and learning more about the world had me appreciate Banksy’s work for showing the truth.  He brings attention to issues not commonly spoken about in today’s world.

My favorite piece by Banksy is “Dreams Cancelled” (Below). The piece was done in Boston and it takes a stab at reality. This very piece shows that the world is a location not a contributing factor of your future. No one has control over another. It’s the individual’s wish of what actions are being done. This painting shows that dreams should never be forgotten. I live my life in order to make my dreams a reality.


Banksy is famous in terms of his artwork being controversial. Banksy does not care for the public’s opinion, rather  he does what he thinks is correct for society. The world treats graffiti and street art as a middle class citizen, meaning the culture has potential and the talent but it is still deemed unworthy until proven wrong. Street artists are faced with the burden of their works being strictly “public art”. Officials hate public art due to it being uncontrollable. Artists like Banksy are “rebelling against this enforced visual pollution of concrete and grey that we live within”.

I was that kid constantly doodling in my notebook and taking art class seriously. I was never good at drawing if it just felt like it had no purpose. A purpose like the truth. Banksy reinvented the view on graffiti by coining the word “Meaningful vandalism”.





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The Worst Kind of Fashion

Been awhile since I’ve posted, but the reason why is that I just feel like I should be giving you quality posts not just cliche OOTD, what he is wearing, outfit challenge, or any of that nonsense. Quality > Quantity. This is also a personal blog, and I want to write about issues in the fashion world that I find meaningful.


For this post, I wanted to talk to you all about Fast Fashion – one of the biggest phenomenons in the fashion world. Fast fashion includes clothes that are disposable, cheap, and stylish. Anyone into fashion sees the luxury market showing glamourous clothing on their runways. Anyone in the world will see the luxury brand products in the store with a price tag that just blows their minds. The top tier brands have heavy price tags in terms of either quality or name, rarely both. The price tag is what separates the market of fashion consumers and the market of economics in general. There is the upper class, middle, and low class. Not belittling anyone in particular, just splitting the consumer behavior in terms of economic status.

Fast fashion is the lowest tier of fashion. Fast fashion brands such as Forever21, H&M, Primark, etc. give their consumer stylish clothes for a low price tag that follows their low quality. Fast fashion is a way for the lower tier to have the same looking clothes as the upper class for a third of the price using a “trickle-down” theory. These are not counterfeit products, but rather “inspired” by luxury brands. But, these fast fashion channels now are just getting out of hand by blatantly copying other artist’s work. Forever21 with “OFF-LINE”, H&M being sued by Thrasher for their flame logo, SAFII Clothing suing Forever21 for a glaring copy of their fashion lion tee, and the list continues for hours. These fast fashion channels have blown up so big where they can just get away with these lawsuits because the buying behavior of the consumer has changed drastically. People would rather have closets filled with clothing they will wear once or twice than have a few key, quality pieces.


“Fashion is a very dirty industry. Deadstock in the US amounts to $50bn every year. After the oil industry, fashion is the second-biggest polluting industry in the world. Fashion chief executives scream about sustainability, and how they plan to cut carbon emissions by 40 per cent and reduce environmental impact by 50 per cent in every interview. But none of those brands seem to understand that a much easier solution is just in front of them. Preventing overproduction in the first place would have an immediate effect on reaching those sustainability goals. The industry talks about conspicuous consumption- buying for the sake of buying — as the reason behind the growth in the luxury segment. But brands are producing more product than there is demand for. I call it conspicuous production, producing for the sake of producing and artificially inflating the numbers.”   -Vetements

Bold statement, but I hate fast fashion. I don’t hate people that wear it, I don’t hate people who work for it, etc. Unfortunately, for many, it is a necessary evil. I just hate the idea of fast fashion and how toxic it really is towards our environment, socially and physically. Personally, I would rather have 1 quality coat my entire life than 20 loose stitched, poor thickness, and faux material coats. However, low prices will always attract the general public, and fast fashion will always be an attractive option. Their prices will always be low, but the real costs will be exorbitant as fast fashion companies continue to spoil the market, our environment, and appreciation and accessibility to fine, quality clothing.




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Money Does Buy Happiness…… for Me At Least

Growing up obsessed with sneakers, that fixation soon became an obsession with clothing and fashion. I would know every detail about a shoe and how it feels without actually seeing it in person. The schools I grew up in, the town I reside in, and all the people I hung out didn’t care at all about what Supreme or Bape was dropping. I would go on my school computers just to see the new drop launch and I would just watch prized items go from full size run to sold out. I thought about how I could have had so much stuff I wanted now if I just went back in time.

I got my first job this year and every paycheck was just straight disposable income. I would work my ass off at that retail job and to see that paycheck every two weeks — I knew what that shit would be used for. I had a dream from the beginning of 7th grade to buy myself a Bape shark hoodie with hard earned cash — no allowance-type situation. My parents bought me whatever I wanted growing up if I only just asked, but with luxuries like Bape there was absolutely no way I would burden them with that. My first paycheck put me in awe after seeing the amount I made, and in about two minutes of receiving that check it was already gone. I bought a Bape hoodie and a Supreme hoodie with my first hard-earned currency. Holding both of those items and realizing I worked for this put a huge smile on my face. Hell, I’m a young kid who is just discovering grinding other than grinding to 10th prestige in Call of Duty.

As time passes and paychecks add up, I bought items I only dreamt about. I bought those items I saw slip through the website when I barely had $20 to spend on myself. I will never forget the day I zipped my Bape hoodie all the way up. I will never forget the day I put my Weeknd bomber on and pretended to have a mini concert in the bathroom. I will never forget the day I finally got everyone gifts for christmas. I will never forget the day I had to use a Coinstar just to afford one Supreme shirt when I was in the 8th grade.

Pulling up to class with my brand new Supreme jacket, the only person looking is me.


Love, WoogieGomez

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I grew up with a close knit family: get togethers every weekend and my cousins were my bestfriends. When I would go to school, I had friends but basically they were only friends within class. When I would go home, I was basically doing me. My parents raised me and put a roof over my head and I will be forever grateful for that. However, when I fully analyzed myself, I realized I’m nothing like my parents. While they provided me with love and everything I needed, they didn’t raise who I am — my cousins did.

Being the youngest in the generation of the cousins, you never actually have a say within anything. Now, my mindset is that when I speak, it better be spectacular rather than simply contributing to the dead air. Once my cousins became older and had responsibilities, times got lonely and it was up to me, myself, and I to bring happiness. I began to adapt, and sooner than expected, times by myself became habitual.

The one and only artist Abel Tesfaye, also known as The Weeknd, helped also shape who I am. I will always remember the day I put the Trilogy album on my iPod and listened to it in full as I laid on the floor of my basement. The beats, the lyrics, and the ambiance given is nothing more than perfection. That day, I did not feel so lonely, because I had Abel with me.

I’ve done shit I regretted and I’ve bragged to my fullest extent. There no artist I can relate to like The Weeknd. Losing loved ones, drugs, and the fear of losing myself are all themes I resonate with. This is the trifecta of my biggest regrets/fears. I can go on about how much I love The Weeknd, but I could never fully express in words how much he means to me. All I want to say is that The Weeknd is the best artist ever, and if you don’t agree, then to each their own.




Woogie Gomez


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